"Don't Walk - Dance!"

*Before I begin, I must tell you this Blog is a thought provoking one.  It is not intended to offend anyone, but cause you to think about your life, how you speak  and if you are really living your life to the fullest.   

Are you really enjoying a “Balanced Life?”  It’s only here for a moment….

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m a Pastor’s kid, have been in the church all my life and travel extensively across the nation and around the world.  I am behind a lectern or on a platform most of the time speaking to thousands of people. So if anyone knows about being spiritual, it’s me.  But today, I began to really think about my own life and what God really expects us to have. I came to the very quick conclusion -  It’s to live a "Balanced Life" and enjoy the "Life" He has given us, as well as, fulfilling our purpose.  We must “LEARN” how to do both!

Today, I saw this picture and thoughts begin to echo through my mind.  The Picture says, “Don’t Walk, Dance!”  Immediately I said to myself, “Brett It’s Time to Dance Again!”

For many in the Church, they would begin to say, “Oh Yes, Dance in the Spirit and make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”  …My thoughts today are not all spiritual – but “Balanced!”  In fact, today this picture spoke to me to live life and enjoy the life God has given to me “Without” being super spiritual.  What are you getting at Brett?

Everything does not have to be spiritual. I don’t read anywhere in Genesis where Adam and Eve Prayed in tongues all day – had prayer meetings with all the angels or spoke with a “Haughty” language so churchy that no one could understand what they said.

I believe we have become so churchy and so spiritual, that we have forgotten about the life God gave us and how we are to be the salt of the earth.  How can the world understand who we Love, if they can’t even understand the language that comes out of our mouth (heart)?

As I travel, I come in contact with so very many Christians.  I can say that the response is usually the same. It is a very lofty and churchy language in greeting me. I appreciate the respect, but a simple: "Hello, how are You Brett, or Dr. Watson" would be perfect.  The spiritual tone and language is not necessary.

I go on Facebook, but honestly rarely get on Facebook chat, because I am bombarded with all the “Spiritual Churchy People” who can’t say, “Hello Brett, how are you”…but rather, “Grace and Peace my brother and man of the Most High God” or “God Bless you My Dearest Brother of Jesus Christ”……

These same individuals cannot end a sentence without saying AMEN.  They cannot say, “Yes” or “Thank You” or “How are You?” - But must appear so spiritual that you dare not say anything human to them.  This is NOT Balanced!  I dare say, they don’t even talk like that to their own family or friends and if they do, they need a dose of “Balance.”

Some reading this may get offended – But honestly this is not written to offend anyone with my thought process today.  It is to challenge you to become “Balanced!”

There are those around you who don’t want the Jesus you love, because they watch and listen to you carry on, on a daily basis and say to themselves, “I don’t want to talk like that and be so starchy!”  It’s true – there are those in the church who are so starchy they can’t even relate to the ones closest to them, let alone the world.  So many in the church have become so spiritual and religious that the world cannot understand our language, nor do they want to associate with us, because we act like we float around on a cloud 24/7 and are more “Spiritual than thou!”  It’s Time to Dance Again!

My thought to you today is: “Live Life and Dance Again!”  There is a Balance in this Life!  God gave us the earth to enjoy! This is “Our Time!”

Get out of the house, go to a movie, go out to eat, go to a Jazz club and listen to the music, go listen to a symphony orchestra, be creative and do something you never have before – “DANCE AGAIN!” 

Jesus attracted sinners, why? Because He talked to them and communicated in a language they could understand.  He spent time with them and loved them! His words were provoking yet seasoned with salt which attracted the lost to Him - He talked in their language!

Years ago I had the opportunity to be crusade director and personal assistant with “John Jacobs and The Next Generation Power Team!”  I learned so very much from traveling with them – “Some of what to do and Some of what not to do!”  As with every experience – We are to learn and take with us what has been received and apply it to our lives and future experiences. 

What I can say is this: John taught me to speak to the world in a way that they could understand and not be so spiritual all the time with them, because they were not and would not understand.  We applied this to our speech and testimony during the crusades and saw thousands come to Jesus and give their hearts to the Lord at the meetings we held across the U.S.

If “We” are the “True Salt of the Earth” –The earth has to have a craving to taste us, so in turn they experience Jesus!  I know that those of you reading this can relate:  When we go to a restaurant, if it isn’t appealing, we leave. We must learn how to speak so the world understands us and we appeal to them, so they love the Jesus that we do. If we will begin speaking with a love language and not a churchy one, the world will be attracted to us.

In closing, we must be appealing to the world enough, so they want the Jesus that “We” love and serve. This is meant to be “Thought Provoking!”  It Provoked me…let it Provoke you! 

My thought to you today is this: Do something you Love again – Get Excited about Life and Live it! Have a “Balanced Life” – its OK! 

“Don’t Walk, Dance!”


Brett Watson


  1. This is an eye opener for me. I think it is one of the best blogs I have ever read!

  2. You can't reach those who need it the most if you turn them off before you get started. I agree. Be down to earth. That's what it takes to reach lost souls. BJ


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