Being Spiritually Sensitive to God Moments!

*Twelve:  The number of Divine Government and Apostolic rule.  It’s the epitome of consummate divine and human ruler-ship under creator God.  Twelve is the number of Gods covenanted ones in power and authority.  It’s the number of natural creatures holding spiritual power of the government in their hands. ~The Prophetic Dictionary – Paula A. Price, PH.D. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

On 12/12/12 - We embarked on a moment in history that many will never see again and others will not see for another millennium!  

We are experiencing an amazing shift in timing. If never before You “MUST” pay attention now! Your Destiny, as well as, receiving strategic revelation from the Kingdom of God, depends on your awareness to time, seasons and most importantly what God is saying in this “Moment.”

Many individuals look at dates as just another day and do not recognize the “Moment.”  We must understand that God speaks in so many ways outside of the “BOX” – Beyond our thinking and our theology.   Please note:  As much as we have been taught through the years (from within the church), that God speaks through His word or a prophet (which is True) – God also speaks through a movie, a Bill board (on the side of the road), through the sound of a steady rain, through the wind, the ocean and even the birds too.  

You may find this entertaining, but there have been many times through my life, when I have needed an assurance of who I was, my assignment, or just needed encouragement – I would go outside and hear, what my family calls, “The Preacher Bird.”  You have probably heard it at one time or another too – It sounds like, “Preacher, Preacher, Preacher, Preacher, Preacher, Preach.”  Whenever I hear that bird – I smile and know that God is speaking to me and reassuring me of whom I am and that I “MUST” continue Proclaiming the Gospel and showing His power to the World.

It’s in those moments that I didn’t need a thus sayeth the Lord – I just needed to hear God speak – and He did!  So how can we limit God to speaking in only one way?  This is my point; we must have ears to hear and eyes to see what God is saying in every moment of the day.  We must be attentive to the “Sound of His Voice,” and as we are, we will recognize what is happening around us spiritually.

This is “KEY” to understanding the moment God is moving in and speaking to you. If your mindset is only fixed on Him speaking to you one way, you are limiting our Creative God from giving you experiences beyond the “Box!”

It is time to realign your mindset so that you will be sensitive spiritually, to see and hear what you never have before.  If you continue to “see” as you always have, you will miss what God is doing and wants to accomplish in your life.  I cannot stress it enough.  This is a season of change – Especially for the Spirit lead believer.  This is a Creative Season we are embarking upon and the only way to experience the fullness of the Kingdom in a Creative sense is to allow your thinking process to change.

I truly believe, God expects us to recognize and see the meanings of numbers, seasons and events. Then by His Spirit leading us, revealing revelation combined with the wisdom God has given to us (Along with direct Downloads from the Kingdom), we can put the puzzle pieces together and watch an amazing “Moment” begin to form right in front of our eyes. 
While many wonder or ask – “What Time is it?”  …or say aloud, “God will you speak to me?” - The whole time HE has already spoken to you through the moment of Now!  Have you looked beyond your present circumstance to see clearly with “Spiritual Perception” where we are and what God is saying?

It is so very important in this hour to see beyond your humanity and have a more sensitive state of existence in the spiritual sense so you can understand clearly. 
As a man or woman of God, He is requiring it of you.  It is your choice – “What will you do?”

Dr. Brett Watson

*Please stay tuned!  I will be sharing within the next few weeks the word God has given to me for this New Year! As we transition from (2012 to 2013) 12/13 -We must understand the meaning behind these numbers and the season we are in - “God’s Time.”

If you are interested in having me come to your church or ministry and sharing the word God has given me for 2013 and see the manifestations of Divine Glory in action – Please go to our website and fill out the form by clicking the following link:


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