Trump Prophecy Released 8.8.22

The Dream and it's Entirety is below to read.
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The following Dreams and Prophetic Words were given on 3.16.22The first Word was a Vivid Victorious Dream of President Donald Trump and then a strong Prophetic Word from the Lord! I held until 8.8.22 and then released it as instructed by the Lord.

6:58 Am 3/16/22

I woke up from a victorious dream! A feeling of Shock and Awe! I have never dreamt with such pride and a feeling of Victory in all of My life!!!! I had to shake myself as I opened my eyes - as the dream Father gave me was so real!

I stood in the distance and began to hear the noise, the beat of a new drum - a cadence and a shout! I heard the steps of the military moving as a fierce force to be reckoned with! I saw as in the front lines of those moving towards me, the Patriots were holding up and waving a line of America Flags!

Then I began to watch as President Donald Trump "EMERGED" from those marching and he stepped up in the front, leading the masses behind him!

As this parade marched in celebration and triumph, there were many from the left that shouted and screamed! They mocked and chanted to oppose what was taking place!

I saw Pelosi come up and began to say, "OH NO YOU WILL NOT, REVERSE WHAT WE HAVE DONE! THIS IS THE PLAN OF OUR MASTER!" (the dark one)

Seconds, faster than I could even focus, I saw a large whip come out of the sky and was put into the hands of President Trump! He then took the whip and it encircled around Pelosi's Legs and feet bringing her to her knees! Then President Trump Said, Take Her! I saw, military surround her, placing her in shackles - Then taking her away as she screamed! She was not seen again!

At that moment, President Trump began to be elevated! I saw him move swiftly up a set of long high sets of stairs - What looked like what you would see in the staggering elevation of a stadium. He kept climbing up and up and up until he reached the top and he stood there in a pose of authority! He called my name and said, "Brett, come stand beside me so you can observe!"

I was immediately beside him and watched as men of authority and stature surrounded him from the top of the highly elevated place where he stood, all the way down to the ground level (which is what you would see in a large stadium at the top looking down to the field). I then looked down to see hundreds and thousands of Men and women of authority! From the Secret Service, Military, Police and men and women as far as I could see - Who stood with him in this forceful authoritative positioning!

As I stood beside him, I felt a feeling of such Awe and Change all around me! I could see that God was doing something NEVER SEEN or DONE Before! I then heard his executive staff say, "Get the table ready, get the speakers, cameras and media prepared for the Announcement that comes forth NOW! Then I heard someone else say, but how can this be? How can you take your position now? What about Biden?

Then I looked as President Trump said, "We are Taking our Position Now! All that has been planned by this illegitimate administration will NOW BE HAlted and Removed! The Disruption and disruptors will now be Disrupted! It Ends NOW!!"

I then turned to my left and saw like a forceful wave begin to sweep in from every direction! I saw Obama, other previous administrations, Biden and many others from political roles (democrats and republican party) shackled and taken away! The remorse on their faces was evident! Some were of extreme shock, and others were of Arrogant disgust and hatred!

I then saw Television Screens with "BREAKING NEWS" plastered in every News Broadcast and TV's all across America and the World! I then was immediately taken to the streets of America and Saw News Broadcasts across the world! Millions were in the streets dancing, Celebrating and thanking God for Victory! The Dream Ended!

Then As I opened my eyes at 6:58 AM, and woke up from this dream, I heard God Say, Brett, Change is Here!

Watch Now, As I reposition my son Donald into his rightful office! I Am Restoring My America back to Greatness NOW! This is the moment now that I bring forth the change I have promised!

The Drums will sound as an articulate Resounding Crescendo of righteousness and events coming into play now! For as a judge's gavel coming down, I say, I am reversing it all now! For the Decisions have been made in the Courts of Heaven! Now it shall come to pass in the earth realm! The time has come for the gavel of Judgement! Enough is Enough!

I have waited for this moment and now I take My America back! For Legions of My Angelic remnants have been released this very day into the earth realm!

I am Moving and I Am marching! Pray and Praise Me! For the release of the sound of trumpets and the sound of Victory is here! All will hear!

Celebrations across the land will be heard. I am doing what I said I would do. A Righteous Judgement shall hit the soil of America now, for I Am stepping in and I will come down hard upon all those who have opposed Me and My Rule of Law.

The release is here of My rain. Justice shall now fall and with My sweeping blow, I will prevail. As you hear the sound of thunder and then see lightning strike across the skies, so shall it be as My Storm has now come!

In moments and seconds, I will prevail and retaliate against the darkness. I will Roar and Push darkness back, ending this nightmare once and for all.

There is no more waiting, no more wondering of My Plan! You will see it happen Now Openly! Breaking News, Breaking News!!! You Will See it!!!

They will Say, "Donald Trump is Back!"

The King has sat down upon his rightful seat, that I have anointed him to sit in. I have Anointed him to rule and reign! Truth shall be revealed and My Trump shall be My Trumpet once again! He will take the gavel and bring forth My Justice! The Time has Now come!

Mr. B - Your Illigitamate reign, along with your cronies, is over. I will remove you and
Your name will be a distant memory and then forgotten.

Evil shall be expelled and the release of My Goodness for My people is here! You have stood, you have waited, you have prayed and you have believed in Me, when others have mocked you. Now I say Rejoice! For Your Time and Season of Advancement has arrived!

I say to you now, I will lift you up, My children!

America shall Now be lifted up! The time for the "Rebirth" has come! I will shake and I will rattle and I will cause a great fear to come across the land to those who oppose Me. The Sound of My Thunderous Voice shall be heard and all will see and hear Me Roar!

I Am unveiling My Rule as I stand with My Son Donald. The rats have been caught in their own devices, plans and plots. The Truth will be known!

They shall be shackled and removed! They will be taken away for all to see, and will be seen no more! In moments, Breaking News! - And then another Breaking News, and then another Breaking News!!!

The world will see the exposure of the darkness! From the highest to the lowest, names you have heard of and seen shall be taken and removed from their positions and current political seats.

My Justice and My Glory is here! Watch Now as I bring forth a crumbling! The Elite trees shall fall. Those who have said we can not be brought down, will be brought to their knees as they look up with their mouths open wide in shock and awe! They will shout Noooo! They will say but I hid it, I placed this in a secret place for no one to know or see! How? How could this be?

Those who have sought to overthrow My land, My people, My rule and Your very freedoms and sovereignty will be shackled in chains and taken away.

Oh Watch!! Watch!!! Watch openly Now! For My Spirit shall fall heavy upon this land the nations of the earth. It is time and I will sweep across America, from sea to shining sea! The time has surely come!

I will not hide or keep My Plan in secret any longer - Watch Now as I manifest My Plan Openly in Moments, in Day! The shrieks of demons as they are exposed - shall be heard! The screams and shouts from the voices that have been caught, will be heard all across the land and in nations around the World!

My Hand comes down Now, as A Lion pouncing upon his prey! I will devour the prideful and remove them. At the same time I will bring victory and Favor, Recompense, Acknowledgement and Triumph to My Faithful as I raise them up quickly now! It is Your TIme for Elevation!

The time is here for all I have Promised and more! Get ready to run and shout in victory and celebration! What they said would not happen, will not happen and cannot happen - I laugh at and say, Yes It Can, Yes It Will, YES IT HAS IN PAST TENSE! For I Will DO IT NOW!

The NaySayers, and workers of darkness will stand with their mouths open, speechless and left found wanting! Oh how you will wish you had turned from your ways, but that time has passed and Now you will be found guilty!

For My People will shout and say, "The Lion has come with a Roar, and God's Trumpet and Son Is Now Reigning again with his Hand joined with the Father's!"

I announce to all who will hear and give Me the Praise, "For I say, The seat is Filled with the Anointed David that was Promised!" I say SEVEN YEARS - Watch, SEVEN YEARS of a Great turn around, increase, favor and Establishment!

SEVEN YEARS of My Hand shall be known! The headlines will acknowledge ME and say, "God's Rule of Law in America has Come! His Hand has been seen!"

Laws will be changed one by one, and overturned in minutes! Executive orders from the Illegitimate one will be removed and replaced with My Light of Righteousness and Favor!

Watch as the skies will change! The night will become day as a great light shall come forth and they will say, we have never seen the skies so bright at night! The Moon will become White and shine upon the earth with a radiance! It will be a sign and a wonder! All will say, Surely This is the Hand of God at work!

I will change all and bring forth wonders in the skies and in the earth to show a fulfillment of Prophecies! Change is here! The Emerging has come! The release of My Goodness Now Springs Forth!

I raise you up now! I say, come out of the caves, come into view from your hiding places and the low places! Rise Now My children and rejoice! Come forth with a resounding Praise! It is Time! Your Time has come!

My David is here and I stand with Him to bring forth change quickly! Trust Me Now and Watch!

For surely the Lion has now Emerged in Triumph once again and My people will rule and reign in My Righteousness in your land yet again, says the Lord of Hosts!

Another Dream about Donald Trump Early Morning of (April) 4/22/22

In a dream again early morning,

In the dream, President Trump was in office and he was at an event where many of his supporters were. He asked me to speak in regards to the many prophetic words that God had spoken of previously concerning his return.

The atmosphere was charged with Victory and Thanks to Father God for all He had done for us!

America was returning back to the Great Country Father had Spoken of her Being!

God spoke to me and again gave me the understanding of this short but very vivid dream.

He said, Son I have called My Prophwts to be My Mouth Piece. As Donald called you over to speak the Prophetic Words I had given to you, it was showing you, and thos you tell this dream too, I have chosen yourself and many others to carry this Powerful Word concerning America, My Son Donald and what I Am going to do for My Church in this hour.

This was signifying MY WORDS THROUGH MY PROPHETS, and yourself and others I have placed My hand upon, will be vindicated and rewarded for standing strong and not backing down concerning sharing the Word I have given to speak.

8/8/22  6:58 PM Word of the Lord!

God said, I Am proud of you and My Faithful Ones! I will show you My Hand of Favor and Blessings because of My Elect and Remnant People that have stood the line to speak what I have said, no matter what the backlash they received.

Watch Now, as all shall be reversed and I will be Glorified, as I raise Up My Trumpet again and as He rises, so shall My Faithful One's and My Beautiful Land Called America, Declares the Lord! 


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