The Great Crossing Over - Divine Reset, Reversal & Expose'


Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. 
Amos 3:7 - King James

3/30/21 - 12:01 AM

Word of the Lord:


The Spirit of God says, "I have spoken and have told you to harken and listen to what I say, yet many have slept anyway and many have fallen into a daze and comma spiritually - To even deny the Truth, remaining asleep in a zone that was prepared by satan, to deceive the masses and discourage, as well as to deny and delay My people access to "All Things" I have Spoken of and Promised. 

Am I impressed with man's agenda, dates and times? Am I impressed with the deceivers plans?  Is My Will delayed because of the enemy's devices and agendas? Ha, I laugh at hell's agenda, plots and schemes! For I have seen all things and know the beginning to the end. I am moving declares Your God.

I will allow you to safely complete the faith walk across the sea by My Spirit, into the land of Destiny I have promised you. For there is a Great Crossing Over! As you set foot "There," watch and see the demise of the enemy!

Those who chase, mock and scorn you for My sake, I will remove. You will see them no more! "I Am" establishing a fresh plan and vision for "My Elect."

I am revamping, resetting and reversing all demonic agendas, curses and executive orders that defy "My Purpose and Plan" in America! I am raising up a standard "Now" and will protect "My Children."

No longer will I allow those who take the lives of "My Little Ones," to walk away with blood on their hands and evil grins on their faces without remorse. I am bringing down My Force and My Reckoning of Justice upon them ALL!

Watch and Do not fall asleep now, as those in illegitimate leadership would want of you! No, AWAKEN, AWAKEN and understand the Times! 

He the deceiver - Who slips in his footing and slurs in his speech - As he sits illegitimately in the seat that I have rightfully reserved for My David, will soon see the "Hand of Judgement" and the writing on the wall. I will not hesitate from this time, to finish the coming down upon the evil doers and those who have joined hands with them by association - Even in the church houses to the courthouses. 

I say, "My Fury has been sealed within My Indictments I have attached to the Guilty One's, from the Courts of Heaven! They shall now be unsealed and My judgment completed."

All of the earth shall see this time of Expose' now. I will expose all of the Lies and Deceit! Do you not see? They have tried to accelerate the time and season of the son of perdition - But I say, "Nay - It is not time!" 

I Say, "No!" For It is "My Time and My People's Time" to rule and reign in the earth with "Divine Glory!" I shall bring a "Great Vindication" to those who follow Me and have remained steadfast and unmoved during this time of deception. 

Do not look with your flesh eyes and hear with flesh ears, but look with My Spirit and hear what I speak! You can not believe what the deceivers say, for the Truth is NOT in them! 

My Truth will "NOW" Prevail! My Trump and Those who I will position around him are making the Move, that I have established by "My Hand" for them to make! 

Oh Yes - Watch Now, as I move! Watch Now as I get the Glory! Watch "Now" as the walls of the Red Sea Judgement shall come down upon the evil and workers of darkness. There is a "Falling" coming upon them. Oh Yes, I have waited patiently planning this moment, as they have pridefuly advanced with hell's agenda, waving their fists arrogantly in My Face with no remorse, thinking they had deceived Me and the millions across this land. 

They have blood upon their hands from the abuse and countless murders of "My Little One's!" The schemes and traps they have planned for My Elect, My Faithful One's and My David - They will find themselves devoured by, in their own devices.

What I am going to expose, will "AWAKEN ALL" who have become the walking dead among you. I wish that no one would perish! But those who have already made their decision to join hands with the enemy will soon find themselves in the remorse of their own actions, from the filthy hellish cup they have drank.

Watch - "My People" will rejoice and see "Their God" who is "FAITHFUL AND TRUE" come through yet again!

"Trust Me Now!" For as You have passed from "Pass Over" into the week of darkness and then to the "Glorious Victory Celebration" of "My Son" that is Alive forever more - "I Am" Aware and at Work! 

Give Me Praise and Celebrate Your King and Your Victory! 

This shall be a time of "Great Memorable Manifestations and The Workings of Your God," to position and manifest the "Promised Harvest of Blessings to You," for the Season and Time of Souls to be Harvested!

I am now filling Your Cups to Overflow, Your Houses with Joy and Your Bank Accounts with More than Enough!

My People will Now see a portion of their Inheritance from Me! I Will transfer wealth, to be used for the Greatest Outpouring of My Glory, that the World has ever known. I will give you "My Tools of Blessings" to be used for "My Glory" to build "My Legacy" in the earth, as it is in Heaven! 

You will be amazed as I release, New Technologies, New Media and TV avenues for streaming My Glory from the North, South, East and West! I have asked you to ask Me, for the nations and I will now give them to You!

"Massive, Miraculous Healings and Glorious Demonstrations" will be revealed for ALL TO SEE! I WILL BE GLORIFIED IN THE HOUR, through My Faithful One's and the Supernatural Workings of My Spirit!. 

I know it has been hard, it has been a time of intense travail and "Great Testing of Faith," But You have passed the Tests and Now will step over into "Your Promised Land of Purpose and Destiny" for Me. 

All that has been delayed will be released! All I have Promised will be Manifested! All You have waited for, will be given to You! 

The "Era of the Kingdom" has now begun! I will Rule and Reign through You My People!  Heaven will surely be manifested upon the earth! 

Praise Me Now Declares Your God! I am Moving and "ALL" Will See!!!!!"

Dr.Brett Watson


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