From The Red Sea To Victory!

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

Stay strong and unshakable, with your continued prayerful Stance and Decrees! God is Moving! He spoke this short, but Very Strong Word to me beginning on: 02/13/21 & completing it on 02/22/21. 


We are Crossing Over,

Dr. Brett Watson

Here is the "Word of the Lord."

Father said, "Brett the shaking has begun. Do not missunderstand the deafening silence that has occurred. No, much is being accomplished. My people have spiritually crossed into the middle of the Red Sea, as they cross over on dry ground to The Hour of Purpose and Destiny. 

The shaking will begin soon openly and the enemy will be exposed and drowned, as Pharoah and the children of Israel's enemie's were defeated, from the evil plans and open display of detestable agendas they have committed. 

"My Javel" has come down and "My Judgement" has been pronounced. They have been weighed, they have been measured and Now You will see ALL - It Is Time!  I will "Trump" them all! I will bring forth My Agenda.

"My Trump" will succeed and I will use him greatly to shift America back on the course I have planned for it to be. 

Great Exposure - Great Exposure and Awakening is coming. I am going to do a "Great Work" in a quick time. There is so much to be done and I am moving quickly so it can be established. The world will be in Shock and Awe at what I do and how quickly I do it.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare Now - Spend time with Me and listen to My Spirit. Listen to My Words and be quick to Obey. I will reward My Faithful ones. There is a Very Sudden Rearrangement of ALL things that is about to occur. The dreams and plans of many will now be manifested. Nothing has been lost, though the enemy has presented it to the natural eye as so. 

I say, "No!"  Watch not, the media as they display their one sided evil agendas. For Now in this time will be a Great Vindication and Acceleration with the Wind of My Spirit. You're about to See openly, as Your God Flexes His Muscles. As I do, Justice, Exposure, Annulments, Divine Reversals, Restoration and Manifestations will happen for All to see.

The hour is nigh upon you. The release is happening. I have planned this out and I will cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust in this "Now Moment." 

For My Just it shall be a marvelous work of My Love the release of years of waiting for long awaited promises. For the unjust, great judgement and remorse will be their reward. Yet, My Spirit will hover to again draw them to myself, for I wish none to perish but have long lasting life with Me.

For My Faithful Rejoice - Watch Now and Wait for Me, then get ready to Run with Me! Great and Mighty Exploits shall be done! For this Time and Season, and the Seasons to Come are unlike anything you can even begin to Fathom concerning the Plans and Abundance I have for You," Says The Lord.


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