09.19.19 Completion of A Season of Stretchings!

The Father Said, "Watch "NOW" as I show You the "Completion of A Season of Stretchings!" I have prepared You Now for the release of Blessings and Promises!  This Time has come for the Arrival of "New Beginnings" with Great Manifestations! 

As the day on the calendar has been marked as "09/19/19" - A "Momentive Shift" Occurred! You will see "Great Acceleration" begin in ALL things concerning My Promises to You!"

The Definition and Meaning of the numeral "9" in the Prophetic Dictionary: Birthing, Completion, Maturity, Gestation and Finalization. 

The way You think, You become from thinking patterns and processes that have been established in Your upbringing, associations and surroundings. But It is important to be in syncopation with Father God so You experience "The Kingdom" in Your Lives!

Remember, if names and numbers have meaning to our Father in Heaven, then names and numbers need to have meaning with us as well. If it is important to God, it needs to be important to us!

We miss the things Father is speaking to us, because we do not have the perception to see past flesh. We shake off and disregard the necessary "Keys" that Father God sends to us and miss "Key Moments" because of our lack of understanding and perception! We have to have clarity to the "Spiritual Things" and be sensitive to Holy Spirit's leadings, directions and patterns.

I can not Terry here, but in closing I must again emphasize - Numbers are extremely powerful with "Great Meanings" behind them. When understanding this and we embrace God's Ways and His Thinking Pattern's (to the best of our human ability), we will see incredible shifts take place in our own lives, families, health, finances, business and ministries.

It's time to Experience His Best for Us Now! Get ready for a "Huge Turn of Events" to Begin Manifesting Now! "I'm In Agreement With You in this Destiny Pursuit," 

Dr. Brett Watson
Emerge Life
Brett Watson Ministries

Instagram: @Drbrettwatson @BrettWatsonMinistries @EmergeLifeChurch

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