"Creating an Ishmael"

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today I have a heavy heart as I write this and pray I will help to bring understanding and correction to those who are “Out of Order” in their thinking processes.  As an “Apostolic Ambassador” it is my “Biblical Assignment” to help instruct and to not do so would bring judgment against myself from Father God.

When God lays something as He has today upon my heart so strong, I must release it. I love you and come to you today to assist you and get you back on track.  The following blog is not long but to the point. For some it might come across a little stern - but this is to be direct and to the point so that understanding and correction can replace a commonly used "God Stamp of Approval" when God did not have anything to do with it. I ask the Lord now to open your eyes to see and receive what is being said.

I am a Pastor’s Son for 43 years and an International Christian Speaker for the last 24 years. I have watched time and again how “Christian” people put themselves into a very serious position for the sake of their own desire and then "Stamp God’s Approval" on it to save face! It creates havoc for themselves and the people who surround them. I speak of Christian people today – Because the world doesn’t understand the spiritual things from scripture – Yet True believers are supposed to understand and then manifest that understanding in their everyday lives…yet many do not.

Today I want to share for a brief moment of understanding with this thought:

“Creating an Ishmael!” 

Please stop creating an Ishmael and putting God’s name on it when He had NOTHING to do with it.

In my own personal life – I have always done my absolute best to make sure that when I bragged about God doing something in my life – that it really had his "Finger Print" on it. I will never say, “God did this” - just to “Save FACE” for my own Ego or Pride! Yet, I continue to watch others in Christian circles and in general (including leaders), do it day after day to find themselves in a very serious position. The seriousness of leaders proclaiming God has “Done This” when it’s not God – Leads the people astray and even for some, causes them to think, “If “They” (my leaders) did it like that – I can too, and I can “Stamp God’s Approval” on it.”

As leaders, we are training up others to become the “Best” God wants them to be.  We must be very careful of how we lead them and what we represent.  They are learning from us – Just as children learn from their own parents!

In Genesis 18:11, Abraham and Sarah did the same thing - You know the story!  God promised Abraham and Sarah a Promise but never told them “WHEN.” God just said, “Trust me!” But because they had shared to others that God had given them a promise - the people began to wonder where the “Promise” was that God said, “Was coming…..”  Have you been there? Maybe you should've kept to yourself what God had spoken to you. That is Wisdom!

Abraham and Sarah in their own impatience and from pressure from the questions of society at that time - decided to “Save Face” and create “Their OWN Promise!”

After waiting many years, Sarah convinced Abraham to sleep with her handmaiden, Hagar, to produce an heir. That was an accepted practice in ancient times. The child born of that encounter was named Ishmael. Then when they had the baby – They said, “Look what God has done for us!”  God quickly responded and said, “Don’t put my name on something I had NOTHING to do with!”

But God had not forgotten his promise. Three heavenly beings, disguised as travelers, appeared to Abraham. God repeated his promise through the angels to Abraham that his wife would bear a son. Even though Sarah was very old, she did conceive and deliver a son. They named him Isaac. As God always does, He followed through later with “His Word and Promise” to them and gave them Isaac! 

Abraham and Sarah had:
A “Waiting and Impatience” Problem

Most People today have:

1. A “Waiting and Impatience” Problem
2. A “Pride and Ego” Problem
3. A “Lying” Problem

Many individuals deal with these Issues. Are you one of them?

A lot of people are trying to compete with the “Jones Family” next door in the church or society!  Rather than waiting on God to provide the “Promise” - They get busy and do it on their own, even in Relationships. People “Save Face and Ego” by Attaching God’s name and approval to it when God had nothing to do with it. Sadly, in their own arrogance or ignorance – Begin speaking about how “Prophecy and the Word of God” has now come to pass.

The Word says: My people perish for lack of KNOWLEDGE (WISDOM)! Please use it in your decisions you make because it effects more people than just yourself!

Listen, If God promises you something - He will give the “Blessing” to you – Rest assured, He will do it! But don’t go out and create something just to make yourself look good and validate yourself ahead of God’s Timing for you!  It will become a Curse rather than a Blessing! 

The problems in the Middle East today is from the root of Ishmael!  The “Flesh Made Promise” – Is still creating issues today!  All Abraham and Sarah had to do was “WAIT!”- But that is a word people hate!

People do not like to wait – They create and then get excited about it and tell everyone else it’s God!  But the problem is, many times it is not!  There is always a method to God’s madness! He knows the When, Where and How! Let God be God and stop trying to be! He knows when You are ready for the Promise! If You haven’t received it yet, then you aren’t ready yet!

You don’t want the “Promised Isaac” yet, if you aren’t mature enough to handle it or your character isn’t what it needs to be. Let God finish what He started so He can bless you with His Promise “ON TIME IN HIS TIME!”  I promise you – You’ll be happy you waited.

In Closing:

1. Church Buildings are being built to make a man look bigger than he is for his own Ego and Pride not because the church is growing! It’s become about the man’s kingdom and not “God’s Kingdom” any longer!

2. People are validating themselves instead of waiting on God - by slapping on titles in the “Fivefold” office of the church that they were NEVER ASSIGNED TO (Including some of you shaking your head in agreement with me right now – I am talking to you)! What you don’t understand is, there are implications spiritually for wearing those titles! Hell takes the title of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher as serious as Heaven does!  You will begin taking on warfare you aren’t prepared for spiritually just because of the title you have placed upon yourself. You aren’t ready for it yet, and some of you aren’t called to be in the fivefold ministry offices – sorry! Be happy where God places you and stop trying to be something you were never called to be, just to become something greater to appease yourself. "Pride comes before a fall."  Please, I beg you to wait on God!

3. People are buying homes and cars by the skin of their teeth with the last bit of credit they have! They are working the deal as creatively as possible just to get it done and then losing it because they never had the finances to get it in the first place! Then to save face – They say, “The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh away!”  “NEWSFLASH* God didn’t give it or take it away! You did it on your own and you didn’t use wisdom. You should have waited – You weren’t ready for it yet. It’s called using Wisdom – Instead of Got Milk?  Got Wisdom?  Ask God for it, he will help you!  But you must rely on Him and stop trying to orchestrate it yourself.

People do all these crazy things and put themselves in such debt and beyond - finding themselves in such a jam financially - they can’t even pay for God’s Dreams when He says give!  So sad that it was all just to appease man and our “Self Image!” 

In all honesty, It's become more about the "American Dream" than "God's Dream." In fact many have even come to the realization in their Psyche' that Jesus is an American and He wants you to have it too. Not the case at all - God wants us to have more than the "American Dream!" He wants to actually give you the manifestation of Promise, not just a Dream. But in order to have it, we must Wait on Him and allow him to open up our mindset. We are limiting God in a small Paradigm when we only think of the "American Dream!"  The "American Dream" has become a nightmare - But God wants to give us "True Purpose and Promise" according to Jeremiah 29:11

Can We Please stop the circus? Let’s get back in order and Let God Bring the Promise to us! Over time – I believe you will agree, God’s track record is impeccable! He knows when it’s the perfect timing for releasing the promise to us!  Let’s wait for the Promised Isaac and let go of Ishmael - Let’s get back to trusting Him shall we?

Blessings to you now and Always,

Dr. Brett Watson



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