Thought From My Heart

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me interject this: "Thought from My Heart!"

My posts of "Encouragement" are not taken from a book or seminar that I have attended, but from "Life Experiences" that I too have gone through or am currently experiencing! 

I have honestly had a very difficult life, contrary to what most might think. I have always been the under dog that had to work harder for everything I wanted to accomplish.  It was Never just given to me.

The moments where I saw the "Favor of God" cover and  impact my "Life Situations" have been countless - to many to even take the time to mention at this moment. But every time, I have been amazed and humbled to experience "God's Divine Favor and Grace" on my Life (which at times I didn't deserve)!

So without taking a lot of time with this post, please know most times, the very words I speak to you are the very words "I Need to Hear (Read)" to "Encourage Myself" which helps me to get through my day and move into my "New Season" as well. 

Most leaders today would want to put on a "Persona" that they are "Men and Women of Steal" - But it is only under the anointing in that moment of service to the "Master," (when the "Touch of God" is on us) that we are invincible and feel like we could "SAVE" the Whole World and Slay a Million Giants at the same time!!!

The remaining times, we are also in "HUMAN FORM" and deal with the same situations and circumstance (many times even greater and more intense) because of who we are and the "Assignment" on our lives - that we carry.

In Closing, Please remember this:

None of us are faultless or without sin - But Thank God for "Jesus and His Precious Blood" that Covers us all! Always pray for your enemies and those who use you, abuse you and treat you wrong. Never take action into your own hands and keep a firm grasp on your tongue! Always leave it to God to deal with them.  I promise you - He will handle it much more effectively than any one else.

Today, I ask you (my FB friends and partners) to keep me covered in prayer daily, as I pray for you. We "ALL" need each other and most importantly "The Guidance of the Holy Spirit" directing us to accomplish "ALL" God has for us Here and Abroad. 

I will post more frequently my own "Life Lessons and Experiences" that I have endured and hope it will "Encourage" you to "Keep Moving Forward" no matter what mountains you face!

Love and Blessings Always, 

Brett Watson


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