You Are A Diamond!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There's a Diamond in all of us! Though there are Trials, Circumstances, Opposition and Life Experiences; You will Succeed! Never Quit.

A "TRUE CHAMPION" doesn't give up! Once knocked down (He or She), gets back up again, shakes off the dust - head up - back straight, deep breath and pursues Destiny and Purpose!

What you have gained from "Life Experience" is the Wisdom needed for your "NOW" Moment, moving forward! You will Succeed! You will accomplish your goals; And YOU WILL SEE YOUR DESTINY FULFILLED!

You Aren't A quitter - You are A Champion! Act Like it and let nothing hold you back from this moment forward!

I Believe in you - More so, God Believes in you - Now YOU Believe in YOU AGAIN!

Be Encouraged -
Brett Watson


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