The Power of Your Words

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Proverbs 18:21 (KJV)

21. Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

"Life, Destiny Harvests" are made daily by the words we say!

The Words we speak are powerful and most people do not even realize the very words spoken "CREATE A LIFE HARVEST" the very moment they are made from our mouths to being released!

According to Proverbs, The Power you have in your tongue as you create words from your mouth, will immediately begin to manifest into a "Harvest of Blessings or Cursing" by what is said!

Our Words become seeds, as those seeds are released - they are then planted and produce our Harvest.

You and I are living in this very moment of a "Season of Seeds" (Words and Actions) that we have planted. Many want to blame God or the devil - when the "Creator" of the "Current Season of Blessings or Curses" has been made by You and Me!

The "Creation of Seeds" will inevitably help to progress us or delay us in our "Destiny Pursuit!"

The simplest sayings like:

"I'm Poor"
"I can't do it"
"It will never happen"
"My Back is Killing Me"
"I'm on a fixed income"
"I'm going to lose everything"
"I'll never have what they do"
"These bills will never be paid"
"I'll never amount to anything and neither will my kids"

....and so many more that people speak, create "Curse Harvests!"

God created us to be "Creators" and produce "LIFE" on planet earth. We have been given "Dominion and Authority" to walk and live in Power!

Turn your words around and create Life around you:

"I Can And I Will"
"I Will Live Debt Free"
"I Will Pay Off These Bills"
"My Business Is Prospering"
"Nothing Will Hold Me Back"
"I Will Receive A Promotion"
"I Will Accomplish My Destiny"
"My Body Is Whole And Healed"
"With God ALL Things Are Possible"


As "YOU" Speak LIFE and Sow LIFE Seed - God will work with you as your partner to help "YOU" Prosper!

We Choose LIFE TODAY! Turn your perception around and "See as God Sees!"

Today - "YOU" will "Create Seeds and Actions of LIFE" that will in turn create a "Life, Destiny Harvest" of "AMAZING BLESSINGS!!!"

Brett Watson

CEO / Founder
Brett Watson Ministries, Inc

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