Wisdom Nuggets for Seasonal "Kingdom Shifts"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many have wondered and asked themselves and even God this question:

Why have I been, or do I feel separated from individuals and even family that were so close to me before?

Please understand this and it is not something your human mind can try to understand nor comprehend. It is a NEW Season God is bringing you into. In each New Season and Dimension of The Kingdom, God wi
ll Sever relationships from your past, that CANNOT go with you into the Dimension God has for YOU alone.

It isn't personal, it's just "Kingdom Business."

Please DO NOT go back and try to reconnect with the very individuals God is or has severed - This can Hinder and will delay your "Forward Progression!"

Thank God for the Wisdom Gained and Lessons Learned from those who were with you in this past season - But you must allow them to remain in your past season and God to continue directing your steps moving forward.

Here is a "Wisdom Nugget" that YOU must digest spiritually and carry with you, so it is easier in the "Seasons and Dimensions" God "Elevates" you into in your future - ready?

Some relationships are for life and others are only seasonal. You must have discernment to know which ones will remain and which ones will end. The quicker you understand this, God can advance you.

Many times, we are delayed in our "Destiny Pursuit," simply because we do not let go of the past experiences and relationships.

It's a "Spiritual Progression" and the Soul / Mind of an individual only looks to the natural, which then causes the Spiritual to become delayed!

Blessings Always,
Brett Watson


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