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Spiritual Response to the Mindset of Hate

Here is just one of the many hateful inbox messages I've received from Pastors who represent the democratic party. I would say I'm shocked, but I'm not. 
I have removed her title and last name. I have also (as she requested) unfollowed her and then one step further (helped her not seeing anymore of my posts), by blocking her.
The remark was aimed at the picture and post I created that has the quote from our Vice President, concerning himself and our President being Pro-Life.
The Vice President said on 10/07/2020 and I quote: 
"I couldn’t be more proud to serve as Vice President, to a President who stands without apology for the "Sanctity of Human Life" - I'm Pro-Life. I don't apologize for it!"  Vice President - Mike Pence
I'm thankful that our President and Vice President have a Pro-Life agenda and have taken a stand for the unborn and the children to protect them from murder. Lets call it what it is, and the devil himself (unlike some pastors a…

The Time of Waiting - Coming to an End!

9/27/2020 Ladies and Gentlemen,
In this last several months of Trying Times, Trying People - Trying Our Patience, while dealing with Masks and Face Coverings, of a man made virus with Fake Media and hell pronouncing nothing but chaos and warfare - We have Endured! 🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯
For So Many it has been a Long Season of “Testing and Suffering.” Those speaking words that were not the kindest, people from a distance questioning and judging, yet they didn’t realize through it all - God was setting YOU up for a Major Breakthrough! Are You Ready??
“God’s Will” for us, though extremely painful, is that we have a change of heart and compassion for others even more so than ever before. It was so God could show His faithfulness in spite of the struggle and through the struggle experience a Greater Anointing after, as well as, having room enough to receive “ALL” God has “Promised” us!
See it was only after a very long “Season of Testing and Suffering“–
Joseph reached the place of “Promised Royalty” b…

Word of The Lord & Prayer of Declaration!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Under the direction of the Lord in prayer - Father God has given me a prayer below, for all of us to pray aloud in agreement and syncopation with His agenda! 🙏🙏
We are going to Win! We have arrived into the "Breaking Forth Advancing Season of the Lord!"
As I prepared to follow His leading with posting the prayer, He then began to speak. Here is the "Word of the Lord," with the prayer of agreement underneath.
Word of The Lord:
Father God said,
"Watch NOW, as Major Victories begin to take place for You says the Lord. I am advancing my remnant people into the PROMISED LAND! You are shifting Now into Your Destiny Positioning, with Victory after Victory!!!!
Hear Me as I speak, I shall promote the faithful who have stood with Me and My Principles and Standards!  Those who have held Me close to their hearts, crying out to me believing - In spite of all that has surrounded them for My Promises, they will…