Friday, September 20, 2019

09.19.19 Completion of A Season of Stretchings!

The Father Said, "Watch "NOW" as I show You the "Completion of A Season of Stretchings!" I have prepared You Now for the release of Blessings and Promises!  This Time has come for the Arrival of "New Beginnings" with Great Manifestations! 

As the day on the calendar has been marked as "09/19/19" - A "Momentive Shift" Occurred! You will see "Great Acceleration" begin in ALL things concerning My Promises to You!"

The Definition and Meaning of the numeral "9" in the Prophetic Dictionary: Birthing, Completion, Maturity, Gestation and Finalization. 

The way You think, You become from thinking patterns and processes that have been established in Your upbringing, associations and surroundings. But It is important to be in syncopation with Father God so You experience "The Kingdom" in Your Lives!

Remember, if names and numbers have meaning to our Father in Heaven, then names and numbers need to have meaning with us as well. If it is important to God, it needs to be important to us!

We miss the things Father is speaking to us, because we do not have the perception to see past flesh. We shake off and disregard the necessary "Keys" that Father God sends to us and miss "Key Moments" because of our lack of understanding and perception! We have to have clarity to the "Spiritual Things" and be sensitive to Holy Spirit's leadings, directions and patterns.

I can not Terry here, but in closing I must again emphasize - Numbers are extremely powerful with "Great Meanings" behind them. When understanding this and we embrace God's Ways and His Thinking Pattern's (to the best of our human ability), we will see incredible shifts take place in our own lives, families, health, finances, business and ministries.

It's time to Experience His Best for Us Now! Get ready for a "Huge Turn of Events" to Begin Manifesting Now! "I'm In Agreement With You in this Destiny Pursuit," 

Dr. Brett Watson
Emerge Life
Brett Watson Ministries

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Birthing of Long Awaited Promises!

Word of the Lord - 8/28/19  - 2 AM

As I laid my head down and turned on instrumental music to listen and meditate upon the Lord, as I always do before I go to sleep;

Quickly, I heard The Spirit of the Lord say,

"Son - For even Now, I am Birthing Long Awaited Promises. 

The time of Manifestation and Release is Now Upon You! Prepare Your heart for New Promises, Fresh Visions, New Encounters of My Spirit and New Associations! 

I am doing a New Thing Now! You have stepped into the New and shall begin to Experience New Surroundings, New Sounds and experience the Fresh wind and Aroma of Advancement in Me. The scent of stagnancy will be no more! I Am bringing to You, All things New!

This Time will be known as New! Release the doubts, the fears and the memories that have captivated Your thoughts, paralyzing Your steps from advancing forward, keeping You in yesterday's memories and yesterday's limitations. 

Hear My Heart in this New Moment, says the Spirit of the Lord. I have prepared You for this Now Moment of Breakthrough and Advancement. 

I have seasoned You through the Valley of Faith. I have groomed You and Expanded You to recieve All that I have Promised and More in this New Era I am moving You into. 

Trust me now with Your steps, as You take them one after another - No longer paralyzed in fear or doubt - No longer chained by the past. 

You will walk now with focus and clarity and then begin running with great advancement. I will show You great and mighty things. I will reveal New to You as time is spent with Me. I require it of You, and it will be necessary, says the Lord. 

"New Strategies of Advancement" will I give to You in the "Secret Place." There will no longer be questions, or hesitation. I will give You the answers and equip You Now, for the long awaited Promises and Purpose I have shown You.

Rest in Me, as I propel You forward. It is not by Your own abilities or strength, but by My Spirit that I shall do these things. You will stand in amazement as I shift all things concerning You. Trust Me, Rest in Me and Know I Am Your Strength and the "Lifter of Your Head."

You are coming out of past experiences, past failures, past embarrassments and hurts into a Glorious New Season of Healing, Favor, Maturity and Momentum! The nay sayers will watch as I do this! They will observe as I place My Hand of Favor upon You and do Great Exploits through You. 

No More Delay, says the Lord. I will not be mocked. I will do it, Yes, I will do it - And all will look to Me, as I receive the Glory. 

I Am excited for You as I propel You forward Now! Praise Me and Get ready, for the "Hour" has Now come! Watch Me Move for You, says the Lord! I love You and have awaited this "Time of Advancement" for You." 

"It is Not By Might, Nor by Power,, but by My Spirit, Says the Lord!" Zech. 4:6

Dr. Brett Watson

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Time is still a Necessity for True Maturity, Gestation and Development

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

God spoke this thought into me heavy this morning (07/21/2019). As I've observed many individuals and Ministries over time, I have come to the same conclusion over and over again - No one wants to "Wait" on God.

Let this sink into Your Spirit: God said, "Son though they build, "Time" is still a Necessity for True Maturity, Gestation and Development in Me and My Prophetic Plan for Their Lives!"

It is a necessity for "All Men and Women of God" to understand this - With today's ministry presentations through television, social media, pictures, and video, there is a "False Reality of True Spiritual Development."

Everyone is competing with the other because of what's reflected on television and social media, which brings a false narrative of: "I'm advancing more than the other, and God has increased this ministry," .....Yet - This still may not be true.

Please understand, as with the ages, still today, there is more "Time" needed for building a sky scraper than to build an office building or house. Yet, through media outlets today, the narrative produces a false reality of where the "True Building Phase and Project" is at currently. 

Everyone is wanting to be the next "STAR" in the Christian "HolyWood" - Being known by the right people and having all the media bells and whistles. Yet, the spirit man, character and maturity of that individual and ministry are still in great need of years of development - And still today, "No one" is willing to "Wait!"

Please be aware that "God's Timeline" takes longer than the world's time and God will not be mocked. Not all, but many of those who You see, that seem to have appeared over night, are just that..."Over Night Wonders" without the full development of Gods timing. They will ultimately miss the full gestated plan that Father God wanted to fulfill in their lives, because they had the "Ishmael Syndrome" - (I will help God out before my allotted time and "His Promise" arrives).

I'll never forget the Prophetic word I recieved in 2012 by Dr. Mark Chirona:

"Brett, You were born out of season, before your time, but God will strategically use the coming "Prophetic Paridigm" to usher in and align You with Your Purpose and Destiny. Wait on Him! God has given you glimpses of your "DIVINE Prophetic Future" many times in different seasons. You have accomplished much in short spans from Pastoring, television, international exposure, to associations of great men and women in Your life and yet, God continually puts the lid, so to speak, back on Your box and says, "Wait yet a little longer." There is no way, You could've derailed Your allotted path. This is Your destiny and You must "Wait on God." As it becomes "Time" - "ALL" of His Promises will manifest in "Father's Divine Plan" for Your Life!"

This word shook me to my core, and gave me revelation and insight which helped me to understand, though I want it now, I have to be discerning of the "Father's Timing" and Not Mine. Learning how to "Wait," can be exhausting - But the "End Manifestation of Divine Purpose," will be worth it.

Again, rather than rush the building of the House, wait on God so that You have All the ingredients necessary and the Character to match the "Call and Assignment" on your life.

My heart and prayer today is as always -  That You allow Your "Spiritual Vision and Ears" to receive this short, yet Timely and Important, Instructional Word from the Lord.

Pursuing Destiny With You,
Dr. Brett Watson 
**Please Note: "My Book "Wait" is in its final stages. Thank You for Your Patience - It's coming!"**

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