Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Europe - Get Ready May 2016!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Calling ALL Intercessors!!

I am so very encouraged today - Our 2 week "Signs and Wonders Tour over Europe" will begin in May of 2016!

I have just received confirmation from Christian Merlo - who is the overseer for the "Church of God in France!" One of the meetings to occur will be for the Church of God National Convention, in Beauvais, France where I will be one of the "Key Note Speakers" - May 14 & 15. The Theme for this 2 day national convention is "Empowerment!" I know God is going to Release the "Power of the Holy Spirit" upon all those who attend!

If you are a pastor in Europe - Including: France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium please contact us now to begin planning our meeting with you while we are there at: or by going to:

I would ask that all of you be in prayer to cover these meetings in advance starting now!

When studying history where there was a "Move of God" in times past, it always occurred because the "Atmosphere" was prepared ahead of time through prayer and intercession!

Will you partner with us in prayer?

I will be letting you know more details as we finalize all the meetings, so those of you in Europe are able to plan and attend!

We Are in the "Season of Acceleration Now,"
Dr. Brett and Marianne Watson 
Brett Watson Ministries


Monday, November 2, 2015

Are You The One?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am sure - many of you might be wondering - "What is He doing in this Picture?"

I’ll never forget an “Awakening” that I had that was inspired by the Hollywood movie – Matrix, in 1999.  

Let me explain! When the first "Matrix" movie came out - I was dealing with a lot in my life! It was even to the point of giving up - Anyone ever been there? 

I'll never forget the intense drawing I felt from the Lord to go see the movie! You might ask - "Really, God wanted you to see it?"

My response to you, "Yes, He did!" :-)

See God speaks to us through movies, billboards, nature, music and with His still small voice. Please hear me when I tell you - Never get so religious that you believe the only way God speaks to us is at church, a Prophet or through the "Word of God" - If you do, you have limited "Our Creator" to a small paradigm that He cannot operate in. God is too “Big” to be confined into a small space!

When we allow our mindset to hinder the vision God has given to us, what you are doing is limiting Him to be BIG in your life!  Just let God be God in your life, moving and speaking to you as "HE Wills!"

So, I chose to go and see it. I was interested in it, but I knew I was to go see it.  It was definitely a “Strategic Assignment” that I had to complete. I will never forget as I sat there watching the movie play out and saw "NEO" (Keanu Reeves) become "The One" who would help to lead the People to Zion! 

He had a Destiny, but he had to choose to leave the "Normal Sphere and Perception" he was accustomed to seeing with his natural eyes, and begin to see with another type of vision in order to accomplish His "Mission and Assignment" on his life! This in turn would affect millions of others - Because their Destiny was attached to His obedience in fulfilling "His Assignment." (Are You getting this?)

I sat there and wept through the whole movie as God began speaking to me that He had called me and I was "The One" He had chosen to lead His people into a "New Supernatural Dimension" that would defy religion and break the "Cookie Cutter Mold" that most were accustomed too in the Church.

He said, "Brett Trust ME through this and don't go backwards - Only move forward and never forget all I have done and all I am about to do in your life! My hand is on you greatly and I will use you to Change Nations and a Generation for my Glory!"

I left the movie with "Red Eyes" from crying so much - but my life would never be the same from that day moving forward!

So though my picture here is a little bit animated - I was challenged by the Lord again, to remember - "Who I Am in Him." 

I chose to put on a suit and glasses and take a picture for a "Memorial" to myself and God - Because this had "Strategic Meaning" to me, if for no one else! (As Well as to Defy the enemy of My Soul)!

Today I challenge you to Pursue God with all your might and strength and never give up! Choose to see beyond the normal "Earthly Realm" where only fleshly eyes can see and move into a "Supernatural Realm" - Where Perception is "Required" in a Spiritual Sense, beyond the physical.

This is a "New Day" for your Life and God has Great things in store for you! 

"Never Quit, Never Give Up and Always Pursue your God Given Dreams and Destiny!"

I hope this has impacted your life today and challenged you - As I have given you a "Transparent Glimpse" into my own heart and life!

Bless You Always - 
Dr. Brett Watson 

Jeremiah 29:11