Monday, August 27, 2012

Preparation for "OUR" New Season - We MUST Forgive!"

Friends, Partners and Family,
I greet you today with Excitement! If ever I have sensed a shifting, advancement and changing of seasons in our lives and ministry, as well as, for the Kingdom of God - I sense it now! God is getting ready to show up, show out and push His weight around as only He knows how! I have prepared a short letter from my heart to yours and I’m going to be transparent with you.

I have had a very strong stirring and word from the Lord in the last few days! As He has shared with Me, I believe we as the Kingdom of God are embarking NOW upon a NEW Season of Increased Glory, Manifestations and Divine Expansion!


1. The action of making ready or being made ready for use.
2. Something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.
In order for us to make preparation for this new season of expansion and increase, it is important for you and I to make sure our hearts are pure. Today, I want to challenge and encourage all of "US" to release to the Lord anything in our hearts that would hinder in anyway, what God wants to do in and through our lives.

What many do not realize is, God waits on us (in moments like this) to release to Him all in our hearts that would hinder Him from advancing us and the assignment He has for us.

As for me, I have never been one to ask anyone to do something that I am not willing to do myself. I have spent the last few days in prayer and have asked God to heal, and mend any hurts I might have from any situation or individual that wronged me, to release any bitterness or resentment I have had toward anyone and to forgive and release anything in my heart that would not be pleasing to Him.

As for all of you reading this, I also ask your forgiveness of anything I have said on a post, in present or previous, that may have offended you in anyway. Sometimes typed words can be missunderstood or taken the wrong way and so I want to make sure that there is nothing the enemy could use to hinder the advancement of any of us moving forward. I want God to see our hearts today and to be pleased with "ALL" of us!

(A little Humor Here) - You know they say, "A Real man wears pink!" :)

I also believe a "Real Man" is not afraid to cry, pour his heart out before the Lord and ask forgiveness, or seek God for wisdom and counsel.  A "Real Man" is NOT Proud and Prideful before the Lord, but Humbles himself. I believe this is why God said, "David has a heart after me." David was a man after God's heart and though he made mistakes, as we all do, he was quick to go before the Lord and make things right.

In closing, I believe in order for God to advance us, open doors and increase us, there must always be preparation on our parts ahead of time. I am referring to preparing our hearts before the Lord and standing pure before Him. I have done this and I encourage you to do the same.

Let's prepare our hearts and minds now, for what God is about to do in our Next, New "NOW MOMENT!"

ISAIAH 43:18,19

18 "Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. 19. Behold, I will do a new thing; Now shall it spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert."

Get ready my friends! As we do our part in preparation, God will do His! I'm excited about all God is going to do and you should too! I love all of you and am praying for you!

Blessings to you and your families, today and always!

Brett Watson
CEO / Founder
Brett Watson Ministries, Inc

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*PS - In preparation for this New Moment and Season in your lives and Ministries, please prayerfully consider sowing a very special seed offering today. God is always moved by our faith and trust in Him. When ever King David went before God to make things right with Him, David would always take an offering to God as well. Your seed that you sow today, combined with your humble heart will bring the Blessings of God toward you! I encourage you to sow your "Best" seed today and see what God does as you "Prove Him!" I bless you in Jesus Matchless Name and speak Increase and favor over you and your families for your NEW SEASON NOW!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Season of Spiritual Power, Authority and Divine Government!


I have seen this while traveling, over and over again for the last several months.  I decided to take a picture today of the clock exactly when I saw it!

For some, they would ask, "What is the significance of 9 and 12? Why would this even matter Brett?"

Let me explain it prophetically and share the definition with you. Receive what the Spirit is saying here and get ready for your promises: TO MANIFEST IN YOUR "NEW NOW" SEASON!!

The number NINE means:  The number of Gestation, Reproduction, and Matured Development.  IN OTHER WORDS, COMPLETION!

The number TWELVE means: (A) The Number of Divine Government and Apostolic Rule! (B) The number Twelve represents the epitome of consummate Divine and Human Rulership under Creator GOD. (C) Twelve is the number of God's covenanted ones in POWER and AUTHORITY! (D) WHERE AS TWELVE IS THE NUMBER OF NATURAL CREATURES HOLDING SPIRITUAL POWER AND its GOVERNMENT IN THEIR HANDS! THAT IS: SPIRITUAL POWER EMBODIED IN NATURAL VESSELS WIELDING THE HIGHEST CATALYTIC AUTHORITY IN GOD'S CREATION!!

Did you get it? What God shared with me was this:

We have come to the completion of the "TESTING SEASON" and are now embarking upon our "PROMOTION!" What happens when you pass a TEST?  You get Promoted! What happens when you fail? - You take it again until you Pass!  Make sure you get it right – “TIME” is of the Essence!

You have gone through a Hard Season of Testing! God has been shaking the very foundation you are standing on, as well as, everything that is not of Him - He has been shaking loose from you, including relationships that were only seasonal! Now you must move forward in the Spirit! It's the transitional moment - ARE YOU READY??

Get this in your Spirit:


See God is saying, "People it's TIME! You must learn to "SHIFT NOW" or stay in Lower Case!"

There is a "Supernatural Alignment" happening in this NEW SEASON!  The "Front Line" positions of leadership are changing and there is a shift taking place! Your Position is getting ready to Change!

What happens when you CAPITALIZE a letter on the keyboard? There is a change that takes place to the normality of the letter. The moment you press the SHIFT KEY - the letter in Lower Case Transforms to CAPITAL! It changes Forms!

God said:

"You cannot remain the same in this new season and survive! You cannot move into the metamorphosis moment that I have instructed the Spirit to take you into if you remain in your past season and old mindset of yesterday. There must be a "SHIFT" take place which will then take you into the strategic Supernatural Metamorphosis that must happen, allowing you to change and experience my divine will in your life! "

When a caterpillar changes into a butterfly (in which it was DESTINED to become in God's Divine Timing), there is always a season of struggle that is the KEY to the strength needed for the future, as well as, wings developing. This struggle is needed so when emerged, there can be strength in reaching the altitude of flight that was never possible before!

Before the change into a butterfly, the caterpillar didn't need wings. WHY? - Because flight was not needed in that past season. The caterpillar was not ready to fly. It had to learn and struggle first. There is MUCH Wisdom gained through "Hard Pressing Times" - Are you Hearing me??

As the caterpillar grows to maturity - The caterpillar goes into the cocoon to change.  It is the changing struggle that occurs during the metamorphosis, from caterpillar to butterfly, that causes the wings to be strong! The caterpillar has to come out of the familiar and move into a season of CHANGE in order to come out strong and FLY!


To help me explain a little better, Go with me for a moment as we take a quick look in on the Comic Book story and Movie Character we have grown to love -  "The Man of Steel" - None other than "SUPERMAN!"

When Superman needed to emerge and save the day, there had to be a change from the average man "Clark Kent" into the "MAN OF STEEL" - A Super Hero!  Clark Kent knew he had to find a telephone booth, an alley or dressing room quickly. He knew that he had to go somewhere that only he himself knew, away from people, so the change could take place! Clark Kent needed to FLY! It was at that Time he would become a Super Hero to Save the Day! Superman would Emerge and FLY!

JESUS is "OUR PLACE of REFUGE and STRENGTH!"  - "The More We seek Him,  The More WE Find HIM" and the Stronger we become! It is with Him that insight is given concerning the Plan and Purpose God has for our lives!  It is only in His Presence, that we find Peace - But it is in His Presence that we experience CHANGE!  It's not always being around people that causes us to fly, but alone with the maker of our wings and Destiny!

Remember, God is the one who decides who He raises up and brings down. If you seek the KING you will find TRUE favor.  Five minutes of God's Divine Favor on your life can change more than fifty years of labor in your own strength.

God has been positioning His people in a Place that has seemed difficult! This place has been extremely uncomfortable, causing us to not only depend on Him to get us to the next dimension and paradigm in the Spirit, but it has caused us to become stronger in Him as well! We have needed this previous season of "Extreme Violent Faith" to cause us to have greater strength and see differently so we could FLY when God said, "IT'S TIME!!"  

In this New Season, we must Change in:

1.) Our Prayer Life!
2.) Our Sensitivity to the Spirit of God with our hearing, so we hear Him when He speaks and Obey!

3.) Our Perception - Seeing GOD as a God of Majestic Power and Authority and then also seeing ourselves the way He made us - as Ambassadors of the King who sent us!

Fly or Die

A baby eagle would never mature and fly unless the mother removes the padding and "Safety Net" from the nest, while at the same time - pushing the little eaglets out of the nest. Their Perception must change from the familiar - the place of comfort. The tunnel vision thinking, perception and limited mindset of the padded comfort of the nest has to change.  They Must "SEE" beyond the Nest in order to FLY!  The mother Eagle knows that she has to push the Eaglets out of the nest and they will be forced to use their wings. If the Eagles remain in the nest, they will surely die.

God is saying, "It's a Fly or Die moment!"

Some people in the Body of Christ have stayed in their nest so long that they are dead to their spiritual senses and perception!

A grape has to be picked while it is ripe, otherwise it will sit on the vine and ruin! It will die while it's on the Vine!

In other words, there are a lot of individuals that attend church every Sunday - Just going through the motions, never expanding outward or working their Faith beyond the comfort zone. They never move beyond the "Comfort Zone" and will never reach their full potential and God Given Destiny!

We MUST understand what TIME it is and FLY! We CAN NOT stay comfortable any longer, but MUST move out into our Assignment! This is the Season that God is changing the FORM of Who We WERE, to WHO WE ARE BECOMING IN HIM! It's a NEW SEASON and we must understand the Moment we are in! God is changing the form of the Body of Christ so that we reflect Him and the Kingdom of God! We are Ambassadors of the "ONE" who has sent us! We carry POWER and AUTHORITY! We are to walk in DOMINION!

In order for God to change the Body, He works on "US" each one individually! We must Embrace Change and the Shift from where we have been, to where He is taking us!  There is a KINGDOM - GOVERNMENTAL SHIFT HAPPENING!

It's a "Superman Moment" Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Prepare NOW for the Change to occur! Perceive beyond your Nest or the Vine you're on - You have come through this past season or seasons of struggle, because God knew what YOU needed to become what HE has Created YOU to BECOME! The struggle is what makes your wings strong!

USE YOUR "NEW GOD GIVEN PERCEPTION" TO SEE NOW! Become the Visionary NOW and SEE your Harvest - SEE who you are again! This is YOUR TIME of RISING UP!   YOU have matured through the previous seasons of DIVINE STRUGGLES! God CAN NOT put a "WHOLE LOT OF PROMISE IN A LITTLE TINY PLACE" - HE has to Stretch you like a Rubber Band.  What happens when you release the Rubber band??  IT FLIES!!


Get ready for your moment! Open your mouth and speak - Decree and Declare your Destiny and Future into Existence! YOU are the Chosen of God - YOU ARE GOD"S CHILD! YOU are the Creative force of the Kingdom of God in the Earth Realm!

Take your Authority and POSSESS what is Rightfully Yours Now! It’s YOUR TIME – It’s TIME for CHANGE and NOW is that TIME!

Blessings to you Always,

Brett Watson

CEO / Founder
Brett Watson Ministries, Inc

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