Monday, November 7, 2016


Ladies and Gentlemen - Men and Women of "AMERICA" and the “Kingdom of the Most-High God,”

I come before you today with a "CLARION CALL!" Please understand, what you are about to read is NOT to be taken as a personal attack to any individual, race or group - But is "Kingdom Business."  NOW is the TIME, We MUST Stand for "God's Way" and uphold the "Kingdom of God's Standards!"  It is time to allow God's Holy Spirit to speak to us again! We CANNOT operate by our "FLESH SENSES" alone any longer. 

We MUST be led of His Spirit and make "Kingdom Decisions" not by the color of our skin or the group we are associated with, but according to the "Standards of Heaven." I Bless you today and Pray God will "WAKE UP AMERICA" and the "People of God" in this "NOW MOMENT!"

I have watched over the last several years as:  “OUR BELOVED FATHER GOD” and the “Word of God,” have been mocked by Men in Political Office, along with our “God Given Liberties” taken from us one by one!  

As I have traveled across the United States – It is very unmistakably obvious, there are so many that stand by idle in the “Body of Christ” and roll their eyes as if to say

“Oh well, this is the last days, so I can’t make a difference anyway.  It’s prophetic you know and it’s going to happen no matter what I do.”

Then there are other groups who sit idly by and sing, “I’ll Fly Away Oh Glory” – with an “Escapism Mentality” and “Mindset” of happily being removed from planet earth and being in heaven with Jesus once and for all.

Though we LOVE OUR MASTER and all want to see HIM - PLEASE UNDERSTAND - To have an “Escapism Mentality” and not fulfill our Assignment using our God given Voices, Talents, Abilities and Gifting, is displeasing to God and is a sin! Remember the story of the "Talents?"  For the one who hid his talent, Jesus Clearly called him, "A Wicked and Slothful Servant!"

 Please read this clearly: “Our Assignment” is NOT over until Jesus "Says It's Over!"  Jesus Himself said, “OCCUPY UNTIL I COME!”

This statement by “Our Savior” alone means we DO NOT lie down and allow the “anti-christ” spirit to invade our country, our families, our beloved Freedom in AMERICA and our Churches across AMERICA!   Yet many have….

I must remind you TODAY; The BIBLE "IS" STILL THE "DIVINE written WORD of GOD" - Inspired and Revealed by the HOLY SPIRIT to "OUR” Great Biblical Fathers of the Faith," as well as, our "FOUNDING FATHERS" of this Great Nation - 


From Genesis (When God created "US IN HIS IMAGE") until the 21st Century Church today  (which still includes "THE FIVE FOLD MINISTRY") make NO Mistake - The ASSIGNMENT from our GOD HAS NOT CHANGED! Our "ASSIGNMENT STILL TODAY" as the Body of Christ (Sons and Daughters of the King of Kings), is to Uphold the "STANDARD" of the KINGDOM of God and the “GREAT COMMISSION” - Without Question!  We CANNOT allow it to become watered down with the "OPINIONS" of Man – From our house, the Church Houses to the White-House!

Proverbs 16:25

English Standard Version (ESV)
25. There is a way that seems right to a man but its end is the way to death.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Remember and Understand - The Church was never created to be a Company of Religious opinions, but "IS" an Entity and Living Organism created by GOD'S Government that “Supersedes” the opinion of man! It has been built upon “Spiritual Laws” that DO NOT CHANGE; No matter what leader, color, race or any gender may think.

This is Irrefutable, Undeniable and Without Question!

It makes no difference what men or women's "Opinion" - whether it be black, white, yellow or red - This includes leaders running for political power!  If it is NOT upholding the "WORD OF GOD" - then make no mistake; it is contrary and opposes the “Standard” that "We" as men and women of the “KINGDOM OF GOD” were created to UPHOLD!  

But today, to some it doesn’t matter what God’s Standard is!  It’s only what’s popular or what everyone else thinks that matters…wrong!  It still matters and we will be held responsible by God if we do the opposite of what we know to be right!

Our "BIBLICAL FATHERS OF THE FAITH" were led by the Spirit of God to do what was right, upholding the "Laws of the Lord" and write the "Word of God."  

Our "FOUNDING FATHERS" heard from GOD as well and were instructed by the SPIRIT of GOD, how they were to establish this GREAT COUNTRY - "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!"   

Even more importantly, these GREAT MEN were HOLY SPIRIT led to raise the people in AMERICA to be “GOD FEARING” individuals, while continuing to “UPHOLD” the Constitution, as well as, responsibly protecting "The Standard," God had given them! 

The FOUNDATIONAL Truths of this NATION, including “The Constitution of the United States” and the very “Word of God” we as believers know (or should know) and love, have been challenged by men and women who believe they have more authority and knowledge than the very God who put the stars in the sky and created us.   

Make NO MISTAKE - This Great Country is still "One Nation Under God" and ALL will stand before KING JESUS and be accounted for their Decisions.

We have seen even lately men trying to take God's name out of their platform, but for political favor to be socially accepted, put His name back in! 

....For God, Not for God...Take out God's name...Put God's name back in....For Israel, Against Israel... REALLY? Is there any other explanation needed about a People who are divided and can't decide if they want God involved or not??  WOW!! "Wake UP" - Men and Women of the Kingdom of God!

Matthew 12:25

English Standard Version (ESV)
25.  And knowing their thoughts he said unto them, "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand."

Let it be known, "GOD" is not just a Word to be removed - But "HE" is the Creator of all things and sees ALL - including those of us who KNOW the Truth, yet choose to make opinions based on what others say, rather than what GOD HIMSELF HAS ALREADY SAID!  

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the "Pivotal Hour" that God will see what WE do.  It is TIME to STAND for Righteousness in the "Kingdom of God" and to UPHOLD the "Standard of Our Constitution" in these great "United States!"

Jesus said:

American Standard Version (ASV)
33. “But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven."

“WE” as a “PEOPLE” and Country CANNOT Distance ourselves from the very foundation and Standard that has been established for us by God!   

  • "WE" have allowed the Commandments to be removed!
  • “WE” have allowed prayer to be removed from our school system and our Government!   
This has all happened as many who call themselves, “Standard Bearers” slept or hid behind the name “Church,” yet did not RISE to the occasion to Stand for what was right, because it wasn't popular!  It doesn't matter what color or culture you represent!  It is TIME for US to be Unified and STAND UP for what is RIGHT in God’s Sight! 

First - "WE" are "Kingdom Citizens" washed by the BLOOD of Jesus,  then "Americans!"

DO NOT be confused by what others may say or proclaim!  "Our" Priority FIRST is standing up for the Proclamation of the "KING OF KINGS!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is time to STOP Playing Church and saying you are a "STANDARD BEARER" -  It's PAST TIME - It's NOW TIME to DO IT.  We Must HOLD UP "KINGDOM PRINCIPLES" NOW!

Our Great Country stands at A Crucial Crossroads!

The last Election - when it was critical to "Hold UP the Standard for Biblical Principles and Values in America" - 30 Million Evangelical Christians stayed at home and DID NOT VOTE....The Election was won by 10 Million Votes...Think about it!

Now, The Stance from the White House is: 
  • Gay marriage is Condoned!
  • Abortion is being paid for by our Tax Dollars (59 Million babies have been Murdered to date...)
  • The National Day of Prayer is Dismissed, to name just a few...
If EVER we need God in AMERICA and Men and Women to "Stand UP AGAIN" for the "Kingdom of God" and NOT JUST for Color, Gender or Party - It's Now! 

Definition of Principle:

A principle is a law or rule that has to be, or usually is to be followed, or can be desirably followed, or is an inevitable consequence of something, such as the laws observed in nature or the way that a system is constructed. The principles of such a system are understood by its users as the essential characteristics of the system, or reflecting system's designed purpose, and the effective operation or use of which would be impossible if any one of the principles was to be ignored.

When the choice is made to remove God from Political Parties, School Systems, Government, Country, Church and family – There will be Famine and Destruction unless we repent and place God back as the Center and Priority of “OUR LIVES and our COUNTRY!” 

Many across this great land are "IN LOVE" with an idea of the "AMERICAN DREAM!"  The idea is wonderful honestly and because of this idea, we live in the greatest country in the world!  We have Freedom and the availability to do as we want!  We can worship God, start businesses, as well as, speak freely our thoughts as I am doing now.  It gives us Hope for tomorrow.  

But GOD'S  Dream is STILL WAITING FOR US.  OUR HOPE should be in God!  Somehow in America - in our Psyche, we have come to make an assumption that God is an American!  We believe that we can do or say whatever we want and He is OK with it....HE IS NOT!  He is not swayed by what our opinions have expressed and His WAYS DO NOT change! He is "STILL GOD" and "we" ARE NOT!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we cannot be swayed by the opinions of men, color, race or gender!  Understand that OUR MOMENT is NOW!  The Kingdom being made manifest in the earth realm is up to us - who will not only humble themselves and pray - but to vote as we acknowledge the “STANDARD OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD!”

Matthew 6:9, 10

American Standard Version (ASV)
After this manner therefore pray ye. "Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth."

God's Government is a "STANDARD" of Righteousness!  We are the conduit for the Kingdom of God to be released into the earth realm!  We are to pray it in as Jesus has instructed us; this also includes living it and not voting according to man's choice, but by voting for a man or party who uphold the "Kingdom’s Stance of Righteousness and His Government!

YES – When voting, (this includes voting against the world’s opinion) YOU should be: 
  •  Voting “FOR” marriage between a Man and a Woman! 
  • Voting “FOR” a candidate who upholds the life of a child!  (It isn’t anyone’s choice to murder a baby that God created! It wasn’t the babies fault for the irresponsibility of the individuals who had sex to conceive it - That baby was not a surprise to Father God!  Let me REPEAT - 59 Million babies have been aborted to date! Can we honestly turn our heads and say its ok??
  • We MUST VOTE for God's choice!

This is not about color or party that you represent – it is ABOUT the CHARACTER of an individual and if that individual upholds the same “STANDARDS” of the God you Love – “JESUS CHRIST!” 

I am deeply grieved by the comments and opinions of men and women who lead many and call themselves "The Elect;” yet because of their peers or color, will not take a stand for what is right. Many today are blind to the deception of those who lead in government.  Make no mistake about it, God will not be mocked! 


Please understand that this is a "Clarion Call to the Body of Christ!"  Who do you LOVE MORE? Race or color, a party, or JESUS? We MUST PRAY and then Vote to bring back Godly Principles and a Godly Government!  This Country is becoming distant from God and His Kingdom Government.  There is only a Minority today that even understands what has been written here.  Sadly, most are just going through the motions and have their head in the sand! 

There is a Moral Crack in the foundation of this Great Country!  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a spiritual Battle!  WE MUST MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  IT HAPPENS THROUGH PRAYER!

God Help Us as a Country to have “Opened Eyes” to See Clearly what is happening and as a “People of the Kingdom of God” to discern and be very much aware of what God is doing, as well as, the enemy’s devices to hinder the advancement of the "Kingdom of God" in "AMERICA" and the utter most parts of the earth!

2 Chronicles 7:14

American Standard Version (ASV)
If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Let "US" Pray:

Father, first of all I thank you for giving us America!  Thank you for allowing us to be a "People of Freedom" to worship you! It's about the very freedom that was fought for by great men and women who believed in the "Cause of Freedom" and "Your Very Blood" Jesus, that was shed so that we could have Freedom from Sin! It’s not about the freedom of different religions; it’s about the freedom we have to worship the "ONE TRUE GOD" and leading the lost to YOU so that they will know you as their savior!  We worship YOU ALONE JESUS!  

Lord, this country was established with “In God We Trust!” I ask you now, to bring the people into unity again so they will have a unified heart, with one resounding sound of Worship and Trust in You!

Thank you for our “Founding Fathers” of this Great Country! I ask you Lord to cause people on a daily basis to remember again the foundation of this “Great Nation,” as well as, the Foundation, Standards and Spiritual Laws you have put into place that do not budge or change, just because of the opinions of man! 

Forgive us as a nation for not upholding “Your Standards” first and foremost!  Jesus, I ask you to forgive us as a nation, for following men that do not follow you.  Help the people to follow you again, so that we may see “You” bless this country once again!  Only “YOU” Father God can turn this country around - not a man or his agenda!

We humble ourselves and Pray, turning from our wicked ways dear Lord so that you will hear us, come and heal our land!

I pray now in Jesus name that you would cause your people that have a heart for you to see clearly again!  Let us not vote for an individual just because of race or color or what party that individual represents, but only who you would vote for Jesus, because they carry your heart alone. 

I pray that your people’s ears would be open to hear what the Spirit is saying and then they would be willing to respond!  Let us not be a people who only hear, but cause us be “Doers of the Word” as well!  God Anoint your leaders to stand up and be counted for and speak “YOUR Voice” in the “Five Fold Ministry Offices!” Let us not be swayed by man’s words, but let us only be moved by your Holy Spirit!

God I Decree and Declare that the next President of the United States - “Your Man” - would be elected to lead us! I ask you God to cause this man to have an “Encounter” with YOU!  Change his heart and cause him to know you, so that he will lead, as YOU would lead this great country!

Bring the “Fire of Your Holy Spirit” to your People again Lord!  Break down the cookie cutter mold of the church and cause Men to respond to You Alone! Save the Lost Jesus, Heal the sick and Deliver the oppressed and possessed for your Glory!

I ask that you bless your Leaders in Government here in the earth, as well as, the “True People of God!”  Father God, Bless "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!"  and all who choose to serve you and You Alone, in Jesus Name! Amen!

I Bless you today and I Bless this "Great Nation" in Jesus Precious Name!   

 This Our Time and We Must Do Our Part! It is Time to Draw the Line in the Sand and be Counted! 


Dr. Brett Watson 
CEO / Founder
Brett Watson Ministries, Inc

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Europe - Get Ready May 2016!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Calling ALL Intercessors!!

I am so very encouraged today - Our 2 week "Signs and Wonders Tour over Europe" will begin in May of 2016!

I have just received confirmation from Christian Merlo - who is the overseer for the "Church of God in France!" One of the meetings to occur will be for the Church of God National Convention, in Beauvais, France where I will be one of the "Key Note Speakers" - May 14 & 15. The Theme for this 2 day national convention is "Empowerment!" I know God is going to Release the "Power of the Holy Spirit" upon all those who attend!

If you are a pastor in Europe - Including: France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium please contact us now to begin planning our meeting with you while we are there at: or by going to:

I would ask that all of you be in prayer to cover these meetings in advance starting now!

When studying history where there was a "Move of God" in times past, it always occurred because the "Atmosphere" was prepared ahead of time through prayer and intercession!

Will you partner with us in prayer?

I will be letting you know more details as we finalize all the meetings, so those of you in Europe are able to plan and attend!

We Are in the "Season of Acceleration Now,"
Dr. Brett and Marianne Watson 
Brett Watson Ministries


Monday, November 2, 2015

Are You The One?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am sure - many of you might be wondering - "What is He doing in this Picture?"

I’ll never forget an “Awakening” that I had that was inspired by the Hollywood movie – Matrix, in 1999.  

Let me explain! When the first "Matrix" movie came out - I was dealing with a lot in my life! It was even to the point of giving up - Anyone ever been there? 

I'll never forget the intense drawing I felt from the Lord to go see the movie! You might ask - "Really, God wanted you to see it?"

My response to you, "Yes, He did!" :-)

See God speaks to us through movies, billboards, nature, music and with His still small voice. Please hear me when I tell you - Never get so religious that you believe the only way God speaks to us is at church, a Prophet or through the "Word of God" - If you do, you have limited "Our Creator" to a small paradigm that He cannot operate in. God is too “Big” to be confined into a small space!

When we allow our mindset to hinder the vision God has given to us, what you are doing is limiting Him to be BIG in your life!  Just let God be God in your life, moving and speaking to you as "HE Wills!"

So, I chose to go and see it. I was interested in it, but I knew I was to go see it.  It was definitely a “Strategic Assignment” that I had to complete. I will never forget as I sat there watching the movie play out and saw "NEO" (Keanu Reeves) become "The One" who would help to lead the People to Zion! 

He had a Destiny, but he had to choose to leave the "Normal Sphere and Perception" he was accustomed to seeing with his natural eyes, and begin to see with another type of vision in order to accomplish His "Mission and Assignment" on his life! This in turn would affect millions of others - Because their Destiny was attached to His obedience in fulfilling "His Assignment." (Are You getting this?)

I sat there and wept through the whole movie as God began speaking to me that He had called me and I was "The One" He had chosen to lead His people into a "New Supernatural Dimension" that would defy religion and break the "Cookie Cutter Mold" that most were accustomed too in the Church.

He said, "Brett Trust ME through this and don't go backwards - Only move forward and never forget all I have done and all I am about to do in your life! My hand is on you greatly and I will use you to Change Nations and a Generation for my Glory!"

I left the movie with "Red Eyes" from crying so much - but my life would never be the same from that day moving forward!

So though my picture here is a little bit animated - I was challenged by the Lord again, to remember - "Who I Am in Him." 

I chose to put on a suit and glasses and take a picture for a "Memorial" to myself and God - Because this had "Strategic Meaning" to me, if for no one else! (As Well as to Defy the enemy of My Soul)!

Today I challenge you to Pursue God with all your might and strength and never give up! Choose to see beyond the normal "Earthly Realm" where only fleshly eyes can see and move into a "Supernatural Realm" - Where Perception is "Required" in a Spiritual Sense, beyond the physical.

This is a "New Day" for your Life and God has Great things in store for you! 

"Never Quit, Never Give Up and Always Pursue your God Given Dreams and Destiny!"

I hope this has impacted your life today and challenged you - As I have given you a "Transparent Glimpse" into my own heart and life!

Bless You Always - 
Dr. Brett Watson 

Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's A Moment of Divine Timing!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's A Moment of Divine Timing!!

It’s truly an exciting day to be alive! God is still on the throne and knows exactly what each of us face on a daily basis, as well as, what is needed to achieve the “Destiny” He has established for each one of us! I want to encourage each one of you to stay focused on the assignment at hand and believe God today in all you do!

This is not the season to be: "Weary in well doing, for in DUE SEASON “YOU” shall REAP if you faint not! (Galatians 6:9 – Italics added)

No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn - This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me," declares the LORD. (Isaiah 54:17)

I know the thoughts I have toward you declares the Lord, thoughts of good and not for evil, a hope and a future!(Jeremiah 29:11)

For the month of October, we embark upon "10/10!!

The Number “10” Numerical Meaning:

For the creator God’s Divine Law, Spiritual Significance of this number includes His eternal injunctions, statutes, commands and edicts. The law of the tithe is just such an injunction. It appears in the Old and New Testaments as the tithe at the same time as the standard of Abram’s law of Faith. Actually, in the chronology of events of his life beforehand, ten as the tithe is a 

Pre-Christ institution and not a post redemption option. Ten is the number of God’s Divine Economy and the diverse elements of it. – Ten is also defined as a number of Responsibilities.(The Prophets Dictionary – Paula A. Price, PH.D.)

The Numerical meaning of "10" also brings us:

Law, Government, Order, Restoration and Testimony!

I believe the past is behind us and what is before us will exceed and overshadow the past! I believe you will use the wisdom you have gained from past experiences and with this maturity, so shall it be that God will now be able to do things in, through and around you in this “NOW” moment that you and I have never seen before!”

"I feel His Spirit upon me now as I tell you to begin to decree and declare what you are hoping and believing for in this NOW MOMENT – RIGHT NOW!”

“The one who has begun a good work in you will carry it on until it is completed!” (Philippians 1:6)

Please remember, when God speaks to you, it is a word of "Truth" and you can rely on it! What He has said, will come to pass in His Timing! Be encouraged today!

In looking at the season we are in with all that surrounds us, we can clearly see that God is speaking to us! He is suggesting that as the world and political powers change, (which causes shifting to take place in the world’s arena) so is the Kingdom of God bringing forth a manifested change from the spiritual to the natural realm!

In this hour of prophetic timing and shifting, we will see into the seasons to come, we as a people of God have never seen before! In this, we should be excited, because He alone has chosen us to be here for such a time as this! I believe this is “Our Time and Our Moment for Divine Greatness!”

The hour is before us to experience what we never have before! “Greater Glory and Greater Dimensions” of His Spirit are for us! I believe “His Prosperity and Increase” has been established for this new generation and the generations to come!

Hear my words as I tell you - We will “NOW Embark” upon a shifting of the guard in many areas spiritually and prophetically! This will be a “New Season of Hope and Fulfillment” for the Kingdom as never experienced before in the earth realm!

I speak this to you prophetically by the spirit – please embrace it and prepare yourselves now for a shifting to take place in your lives personally, locally and corporately around the world!

Please watch the following video and “Get Ready” for “YOUR NOW PROPHETIC MOMENT” to ARRIVE!!!!  SHIFT!

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably beyond all we ask or imagine, be all glory forever” (Ephesians 3:20)

God’s BEST to You Always,
Dr. Brett Watson

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The 1991 "Supernatural "God" Encounter"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For those of you who do not know - I was raised as the son of a Pastor. My Mom and Dad Pastored many churches across the U.S. I was raised in a Christian home and have an "Amazing Spiritual Heritage of Ministers" in my family.

When my father past away August 16, 1990 - I was faced with a decision.

Would I continue to carry "The Torch and Legacy" of my Father's Ministry, as well as, the "Assignment" God had placed upon my life? I was the oldest and first born, so I was faced with the decision to continue to build on the foundation he and my mother had established....

After my dad - The Late Bernie D. Watson went on to be with Jesus - I made the decision (only by God's help), to speak into the lives of people and help them in their "Destiny Pursuit" and to Experience "God's Best" in their lives.

Little did I know that just speaking and motivating people was not God's Plan for me, but to allow others to "Experience the Supernatural" - What would happen in the spring of 1991 would effect me for the rest of my life!

It was then that "The Touch of God" came upon my life with "Extreme Supernatural Power." Experience my story and International Ministry for the last 24 years in the following short 3 1/2 minute video.

It all began with an "Encounter of the Holy Spirit."

In the following short video, witness the story and some video footage of the "Manifested Power of God" in meetings across America.

You can also experience God for Yourself! Call out His name and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. He is waiting - Will You Answer?

For more information on my history and International ministry - You can go to the "History Page and Spiritual Heritage Page" found on:
My prayer is as you watch the following video - You too will "Experience the Power and Touch of God in Your Lives" - Today and Always,

Dr. Brett Watson 

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ALL - TBN "Praise the Lord" - Video footage provided courtesy of Trinity Broadcasting Network.